Below is a layout of Penny Morrow’s books. Most stories are high fantasy meant for young adults. Please read each story’s description for more info.

The City of the Sun Book Series

ASHTIUM: City of the Sun Book 1

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Ashtium is part of The City of the Sun series. It is the first book in the series.

The second book in the series is still being written and won’t be released for a while. The second book will also be geared more towards new adults. However, I will say the first book does have some darker themes. I recommend readers be 16+ for the darker themes and suggestive content within Ashtium. If you are a parent or guardian, I would recommend reading the book first before deciding whether or not to allow a young one to read it as the book is meant for young adult readers.

Ashfall: City of the Sun Book 2

More info coming soon!

More info coming soon!